Mansplain means to explain something in a condescending fashion, usually a man explaining something in a condescending fashion to a woman. Mansplain is a blending of the words man and explain, also known as a portmanteau. Mansplain appeared simultaneously on various platforms on the internet in 2008, mostly inspired by a blog written by Rebecca Solnit entitled Men Explain Things to Me in which Solnit discusses the mansplaining phenomenon without naming it. It is unknown who actually coined the word. Mansplain entered the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb in 2014, related words are mansplains, mansplained, mansplaining, mansplainer.


Examples of mansplaining are so prevalent that the term has become the subject of regular Internet memes and late-night show punch lines. (The Chicago Tribune)

I first saw the term in Dr. Erin Reeve’s study entitled “Mansplaining, Manterrupting & Bropropriating: Gender Bias and the Pervasive Interruption of Women.” (The Huffington Post)

Ever since Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton accusing her of playing the “women’s card”, the world has been introduced to the word “mansplaining,” after many took to Twitter asking The Donald to “mansplain” himself for his gender-based attack. (The Malay Mail)

Jenelle ended up getting prescribed potentially addictive anxiety medication, which led to a raw discussion with David about her past heroin abuse (with her man feeling the need to mansplain medication to her). (Us Weekly)

Because if you aren’t men then I’ll be mansplaining mansplaining to you and we’ll enter an infinite mansplaining loop which won’t end until I’ve actually morphed into Alan Partridge shouting you down about why you shouldn’t take the A11 all the way to Norwich, even though you aren’t going anywhere near there, anyway. (GQ Magazine)

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