Friendsgiving is a new word that first appeared in the early 2000s. It is a portmanteau of the words friends and Thanksgiving. A portmanteau is a word constructed by blending the sounds and meanings of two different words. We will examine the definition of the word Friendsgiving, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving dinner and celebration that is a gathering of friends, not family, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day or the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. Traditionally, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with family, though friends who are without family on the holiday are also sometimes invited to participate. Friendsgiving is an invention of the Millenial generation, and is often a potluck. Many enjoy the concept of Friendsgiving because they live too far away from family to celebrate Thanksgiving, are employed in retail jobs that necessitate working on Thanksgiving Day, or simply want a chance to spend time with their friends. Others find Friendsgiving insulting, assuming the implication that people who take part in Friendsgiving do not value their time with their families. In truth, most people who take part in a Friendsgiving celebration also take part in a Thanksgiving Day celebration with family. The word Friendsgiving is currently listed in the Oxford English Dictionary, it will be interesting to see if this tradition continues. Note that the word Friendsgiving is capitalized.


But for some, this weekend boasts the most fun, heartwarming unofficial holiday of them all: Friendsgiving. (The News Journal)

It was my first Friendsgiving dinner in years, and last weekend, I invited 40 people into my one-bedroom duplex apartment. (The Duluth News Tribune)

In addition, you’ll get décor templates, fundraising tips, a planning checklist and fundraising prizes, all designed to help you not just donate yourself, but inspire your Friendsgiving friends’ giving to grow as well. (Food & Wine Magazine)

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