Arnold Palmer

  • Arnold Palmer is not only the name of an American golfer, it has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary with an entirely different definition. We will examine the meaning of the term Arnold Palmer, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.


    An Arnold Palmer is a cold beverage that consists of the blending of unsweetened tea and lemonade, which is a sweetened lemon drink. It is named after the man who invented it, Arnold Palmer, a legendary American golfer. According to Palmer, a woman in a restaurant overheard him describing how to make the tea-lemonade drink and declared to her own waiter, “I’ll have an Arnold Palmer.” Palmer’s recipe consisted of three parts unsweetened iced tea and one part cold lemonade. Variations include the Half & Half, which consists of equal parts unsweetened iced tea and cold lemonade, and the John Daly which includes the addition of vodka. The plural form of Arnold Palmer is Arnold Palmers.



    A soft drink concocted with iced tea and lemonade has become known as the Arnold Palmer, joining the Shirley Temple on the short list of drinks named after famous people in their lifetimes. (The New York Times)

    The secret to a perfect Arnold Palmer, go heavy on the iced tea with just a splash of lemonade. (The Herald and News)

    The drink was inspired in part by the Arnold Palmer, a nonalcoholic blend of iced tea and lemonade that’s in heavy demand during the restaurant’s busy lunches. (The Daily Herald)

    Even Palmer cashed in on his creation by allowing AriZona Beverages to sell 27 “Arnold Palmer” offerings, all proudly advertised on its website. (Golf Digest)

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