Dog breed names

Dog breed names are derived from information specific to that breed. A dog breed may be named after that breed’s place of origin. The Dalmatian breed hales from the region of Dalmatia, situated in present-day Croatia, the Dogue de Bordeaux breed comes from the Bordeaux region of France and the Australian Shepherd, an example of which may be seen on the Life with dogs website, from Australia. Some dog breed names originated from the job that the breed was developed to perform. The Rat Terrier was bred to hunt rats, the Pit Bull was produced to fight in bear pits and the Australian Cattle Dog was cultivated to drive cattle across the rough terrain of Australia. Dog breed names may also come from the originator of the breed. Breeds named after their creators include the Jack Russel Terrier, the Doberman and The King Charles Spaniel. Finally, when two established dog breeds are crossbred the resulting dogs may be named with a combination of the two origin breeds, such as Labradoodles and Cockapoos.

Her Great Pyrenees named Cooper — “the love of my life” prior to Soto — is already there, sharing Soto’s bungalow with his Congo African gray parrot named Simba, a 19-year-old who can repeat whole conversations and now screeches out phases like “The Mayor.” (The Boston Globe)
I have always had a good sheepdog on my farm and cannot understand how anyone can handle sheep without a dog. (The Irish Independent)

The Jack Russell terrier also appeared in the Reese Witherspoon film Water for Elephants. (The Times of India)
Elizabeth also introduced a new breed of dog known as the “dorgi” when one of her corgis was mated with a dachshund named Pipkin. (The New York Times)

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