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To cross the line means to overstep a boundary, to go beyond socially accepted behavior. When one crosses the line, one goes from being acceptable to being unacceptable. One may cross the line by asking questions that are too personal, by acting outside the rules, or or giving in to temptation. Someone who has crossed the line has displayed behavior that is offensive. Related terms are crosses the line, crossed the line and crossing the line. According to Google’s Ngram, the term cross the line first appears around 1725, its use has steadily risen ever since.


Now that Judge Martinez has put the Denver DA on notice that charges should be brought against law enforcement officers who cross the line, perhaps Denver’s safety department officials will also take notice and equally resource Denver’s deputies with body cameras just as they have done for police — for the benefit of Denver’s community both inside and outside of jail. (The Denver Post)

They just have to be careful not to cross the line in their advertising. (Forbes)

Malaysia’s ruling party Umno said on Sunday that former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has “crossed the line” by attending the Bersih 4 rally, Bernama reported. (The Straits Times)

Nick Kyrgios: When Trash Talk Crosses the Line (The Wall Street Journal)

Republican legislator Art Wittich is criticizing Montana State University President Waded Cruzado, saying she “crossed the line” when she publicly called out Gallatin Valley Republican lawmakers for voting against university priorities. (The Bozeman Daily Chronicle)

“In particular, I would draw your attention to the portions of the videotape where your client asks the plaintiff if he is crossing the line, and where he approached the plaintiff to kiss her and the corresponding position of his body,” lawyer Eliot Bloom stated in papers. (The New York Daily News)

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