Cash cow

A cash cow is a business or investment that brings in good, reliable income, often exceeding expectations in respect to one’s investment. A cash cow generates excellent cash flow and profits. It is assumed that cash cow is an iteration of the term milch cow, which is an older spelling of milk cow that appears in the 1600s and also refers to something that brings in easy profit with little maintenance. The term cash cow comes into the English language in the 1970s as American business jargon, the phrase has grown in popularity ever since.


In its myriad versions at ballet companies everywhere, The Nutcracker has become a cash cow, a reliable annual moneymaker. (The San Francisco Classical Voice)

Trudeau says taxing pot won’t be a government cash cow (The Star)

The corn-based fuel is a $5 billion cash cow for Iowa, the farm state where the earliest of the presidential caucuses/primaries is held. (The Lebanon Daily News)

And, despite the Register’s reporting, these surgeries are far from a hospital cash cow. (The Des Moines Register)

A cash cow filmmaker whose productions almost always came in out in the summer, Bay — the “mastermind” behind the “Transformers” franchise — for good or bad — knows how to make movies many people want to see and “13 Hours” is no different. (The Gwinnett Daily POst)

Radio station talkSPORT – whose presenters include Northern Ireland’s Colin Murray, and Andy Gray and Richard Keys – has been the cash cow of UTV Media plc’s radio operation. (The Belfast Telegraph)

Australia’s overwhelming dominance against the West Indies has thrust more attention than before on the Big Bash League domestic cash cow but CA chief James Sutherland insisted on Sunday that the international game remained the priority. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

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