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Symbol and cymbal are two words that are pronounced in the same manner but are spelled differently and have different meanings. They are homophones. We will look at the meaning of the words symbol and cymbal, where the words come from and some examples of their use in sentences.

A symbol is a marking or character that is a representation of an object, a process, an organization, a company, etc. A symbol may also refer to something that stands for something else, it is often used as a literary device. For example, a dove is a symbol of peace. The word symbol is derived from the Greek word symbolon which means token or mark.

A cymbal is a musical instrument that consists of a slightly concave brass plate that is either struck against another cymbal or with a drumstick, making a slightly ringing, clashing sound. The cymbal is a percussion instrument with a very ancient history, traceable to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece and most probably in use even earlier. The word cymbal is derived from the Greek word kumbalon, meaning cup or bowl.


Unlike other corporate matters, which Snap co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy plan to control by reportedly issuing nonvoting shares to IPO investors, the ability to snap up their preferred stock symbol may be surprisingly slippery. (Fortune Magazine)

“We ordered 100 T shirts with the symbol of the bull and our favourite slogans for the campaign,” said Nirmal V, who said he got customised T shirts in Kodambakkam for Rs 300 a piece. (The New Indian Express)

One had piano keys and another had geometric shapes, each of which mimicked the sound of a specific drum or cymbal when touched or struck with a drumstick. (The Whittier Daily News)

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