Cache vs cash

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A cache is hidden provisions or treasure, or the hiding place for hidden provisions or treasure. The cache of a computer is the memory that can be accessed quickly. Cache may also be used as a verb, related words are caches, cached, caching. Cache  is French Canadian trappers’ slang, as a back-formation from the French word cacher  which means to hide or conceal.

Cash is legal tender, money. Cash is also used as a verb to mean exchange a bank draft or other type of check for money, related words are cashes, cashed, cashing. The word cash comes from the Middle French word caisse, which means money box.


You’ve now successfully reset your App Store’s cache, emptying out the temporary storage that can cause your phone to act sluggish or cause your apps to fail to update. (Business Insider)

A cache containing ten mortar shells, two kalachnikov guns and important quantity of ammunitions were discovered Friday in Tin Zaouatine, by a detachment of the National Popular Army (ANP), said National Defence Ministry (MDN) said in a communiqué. (Algerie Presse Service)

Yemeni security forces have seized a large cache of weapons in Al Tawahi district of Aden, an area where illegal armed groups have established a strong presence. (The National)

Pension consultants say some fund managers are considering socking even more of their assets into cash as they wait for the markets to calm down. (The Wall Street Journal)

Investigators say Howard would take checks made out to Jacaranda Golf Club, put them into the cash register inside the facility’s pro shop but input an amount that was lesser than the check’s face value. (The Sun-Sentinel)

The philosophy behind Project Issara’s cash transfer program is simple: No one knows the needs of human trafficking victims better than the victims themselves. (The Christian Science Monitor)