By, bye and buy

  • By is a word that means (1.) the identity of of the person performing an action (2.) spatially close to (3.) via (4.) according to (5.) in the amount of or rate of (6.) just past (7.) away. By is used as a preposition and as an adverb, it is one of the top one thousand most used words in the English language.


    Bye may be used as an informal goodbye. Bye also refers to a tournament or contest round when a player or team wins its round because they have no opponent. In 1883 the term bye came about to describe the position of one who is left without a competitor when the rest have drawn pairs, in lawn-tennis.


    Buy is a verb which means (1.) to acquire an object or service with the exchange of money (2.) to acquire by sacrifice (3.) to bribe (4) to accept the truth of something. Buy comes from the Old English bycgan, the past tense of bohte, meaning to buy, pay off, redeem, ransom, procure.


    The employees, who were joined by supporters on Monday, said they were protesting against a decision made last month by UNRWA to stop paying teachers for their annual leave days due to the financial hardship the agency is facing.  (Aljazeera America)

    He broke her jaw in two places and put her on a liquid diet for weeks, but the mental health intern who was viciously decked by a Rikers Island inmate last year says she doesn’t hold him responsible. (The New York Daily News)
    Their role: waving bye to kamikaze pilots (The China Post)
    The inescapable “Bye, Felicia” meme was born from Ice Cube’s “Friday” back in 1995, creating the perfect dismissal hashtag years before Twitter had a chance to help further popularize it. (Huffington Post)
    South Burlington Little League has bye at regionals (The Burlington Free Press)
    Stampeders back from bye week, add Toston to running back depth chart (The Calgary Herald)
    Mostly, advisers say this may be the time to take advantage of low prices and buy stocks in good companies, to switch to index funds that will reflect the long-term health of U.S. business or to sit back and let your mutual fund managers (for a fee) do the bargain hunting for you. (The Omaha World-Herald)

    The Egyptian government has urged its citizens to help raise nearly $25 million so the country can buy back an ancient statue sold at auction by Christies in London last year. (The International Business Times)


    1. ì want to guíde you to amazíng online work opportunity.. 3-5 h of work a day.. payment at the end of each week.. performance dependíng bonuses…earnings of six to nine thousand dollars /month – merely few hours of your free time, a computer, most elementary familiarìty wìth www# and trusted web-connection is what is needed…learn more by headìng to my page

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