Present Perfect Tense Exercises (With Printable Worksheet)

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So, you think you’ve mastered the present perfect tense? It took me a while to figure it out. This verb tense uses the auxiliary verb has or have plus the past participle form of the verb. It also has three main uses in sentences.

My present perfect tense exercises will check your knowledge and understanding of the verb tense. The first worksheet I made is a multiple-choice type, while the second and third practice exercises will ask you to rewrite sentences.

What is the Present Perfect Tense?

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The present perfect tense is used for:

  • Actions that started in the past and are still happening in the present.

Jonah has taught in this university since 2015.

  • Actions that happened at an unknown time. We often use the words already, ever, never, not yet, etc.

I have been happy recently.

  • Actions happening in the past but have an effect in the present.

I’ve lost my keys. (They are still missing.)

Present Perfect Tense Worksheet 1

Present Perfect Tense Worksheet 1

Choose the letter of the correct answer.

Which sentence is in the present perfect tense?
Which time expression do you use for present perfect sentences?
TRUE or FALSE: The present perfect verb form is has or have + the past participle form of the verb.
TRUE or FALSE: Use have for present perfect sentences with I as the subject.
Which is not a function of the present perfect tense?
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Present Perfect Tense Worksheet 2

Present Perfect Tense Worksheet 2

Choose the correct answer to make the sentences into present perfect tense.

My parents think about going to Italy.
Your car is broken down.
My husband wants to travel.
The girls go to the dentist.
Patricia grieves.
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Present Perfect Tense Worksheet 3

Present Perfect Tense Worksheet 3

Transform the present perfect sentences into negative statements.

She has eaten dinner.
Some of us have played the drums.
The cops have arrested the criminals.
I have known him for ten months.
You have kept the dog for three years now.
Lim has studied Latin.
She has stolen all the chocolates.
She has finished already.
Meg has had a bird and two cats.
We have gone to this place before.
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