Cannonball Express

Cannonball Express is a sentence building game where all you have to do is click the start button and a set of words will appear. These words are part of a sentence but they are not in the right order. To make the sentence you will need to shoot each word in the order they should be in the sentence, using the cannon. Have fun! … [Read more...]

MES Games

MES Games is an online language building website with both vocabulary and grammar activities for young learners and beginner to intermediate ESL students of any age. Teachers can use the resources in class or assign different sections as homework. There are 30 different units with 3 different grammar games per unit. The resources focus on different grammatical areas such as sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, verb form, or use of prepositions. … [Read more...]

Sink or Swim Keeping your head above water is an English expression meaning that you are managing to do just enough to keep going. In this game you add suffixes and prefixes to words to change their meaning. Mistakes drag you down, correct answers buoy you up! So, try this game and see whether you sink or swim. … [Read more...]

Idiom Hunt The objective of Idiom Hunt is to pass as many level as possible by collecting words in the correct order to complete the idiomatic expressions. To collect a word, you must jump all the way into it. The words will appear at the top of the screen as you collect them. The given words, all the words that make up the idiomatic phrase displayed randomly, are shown at the bottom of the screen. The description, the meaning of the phrase, is … [Read more...]

Woodward English Woodward English Grammar Games offers an extensive alphabetical list of word games that test one's knowledge of grammar rules and usage. … [Read more...]

WordFall "WordFall" tests your knowledge of word classes in another fashion. The computer picks a random sentence from the set of pre-analyzed sentences, and then lets the words fall, one at a time. As they fall, you use the arrow keys to direct them into the appropriate word class container at the bottom of the screen. Press the down arrow to increase word fall speed. Compete worldwide for high scores. … [Read more...]

Verb Viper Verb Viper encourages your child to choose correct verb tenses (present, past, past participle), recognize correct verb forms (ran instead of runned), and recognize subject/verb agreement (I am, he is). Content: Verb Tenses and Forms Standards: L.3.1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. … [Read more...]

Grammar Ninja Grammar Ninja is an educational web game. You are a Grammar Ninja who must find parts of speech by throwing ninja stars at words. Correct answers allow you to continue, while wrong answers literally explode. It's great fun. Also, download the Grammar Ninja Sentence Creator to create your own sentences. … [Read more...]

Word Sort As words drop from the top of the screen, click and drag them to the correct container. … [Read more...]

The Grammar Casino The Grammar Casino is a fun grammar review game designed to highlight, improve, or solidify knowledge of certain grammar structures. The activity comes as a Word template teachers can edit and adjust to the students level and the target grammar. In the game, students read a sentence. Then, they must decide if the sentence has a grammar mistake or not. They can bet a certain number of points. If the student answered correctly, they will win and … [Read more...]

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