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Relative Clauses Exercises (With Printable PDF)

The first worksheet is all about the basic definition and rules for its correct usage, while the second activity focuses on identifying the relative clause in the sentence. The last worksheet will ask you to choose the correct relative pronoun to complete the sentence. What Are Relative Clauses? Relative clauses …

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Past Simple and Past Continuous Tense Exercises

This set of exercises will challenge your understanding of the commonly used simple past and past continuous tenses. Choose the correct letter of the answer, then check your answers using the answer key. What Is the Past Simple Tense? The simple past tense describes an action that occurred at a …

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Gerunds and Infinitives Exercises (With Printable PDF)

Are you hoping to improve your English speaking and writing skills? If so, you should try practicing with gerunds and infinitives. They’re easy to master, I promise, especially with my handy guide! Yes, it’s daunting at first, but with some practice, you’ll be able to use these verb forms like …

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Irregular Verbs Exercises (With Printable Worksheet)

These irregular verbs practice exercises will test your understanding of irregular verbs in the English language. Answer each item carefully and check your answers through the answer sheet provided. Irregular Verbs Worksheet 1 Irregular Verbs Worksheet 2 Irregular Verbs Worksheet 3

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Test Your Punctuation Skills (Quizzes With Answers)

Before delving too deep into punctuation and grammar exercise practice, it’s worth testing your knowledge of basic punctuation and conventions with a pre-test. This quiz provides the questions you need (with answers) to test your skills and determine if you need to review. End Marks Punctuation Inserting Commas Exercise Using …

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Editing & Proofreading Worksheets

Editing your paper or books allows you to make your ideas and messages as clear as possible to your readers. It will help you get rid of typos, poor sentence structure, incorrect verb tenses, and more. Do you want to enhance your editing skills? I love using editing sheets and …

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Copy Editing Test – Can you Pass This Quiz?

The application process for being a copy editor usually involves taking a test. This quiz usually challenges you to spot mistakes in a piece of writing. Read on to learn how to study for an editing exam. Then, test your copy editing skills through the copy editing test I developed.   …

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Free Proofreading Quiz – Test Your Skills

So, you think you’re proficient enough to start a proofreading career. A free proofreading quiz or practice test will be beneficial for anyone who wants to measure their skills and look for areas of improvement.  Whether you want to be a copy editor or proofreader, the field of proofreading is …

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