Chip on Your Shoulder Origin Meaning 2

Chip on Your Shoulder – Origin and Meaning

Some idioms sure do generate odd mental images, don’t they? I mean, just think about the phrase “chip on your shoulder” and imagine it. Good thing idioms are not meant to be literal. But, if it’s not literal, what does a “chip on your shoulder” even mean, then? I’ll explain …

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Heavens to Murgatroyd – Idiom, Definition and Origin

You probably heard your parents, grandparents, or anyone older say “Heavens to Murgatroyd” and wondered what they meant. It’s an expression whose origin can be traced to an old cartoon show. Snagglepuss was the character who said heavens to Murgatroyd. Add this idiom to your vocabulary by understanding its meaning …

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In the hopper

In the hopper means something is in preparation or is on its way. When something is in the hopper, it is going through the last refinements before it is ready to begin or to be presented. A hopper is part of an agricultural or industrial machine that is a sorting …

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