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What Are Nouns? Definition & Examples (With Worksheet)

Map, Audrey Hepburn, longevity, orchestra, and beads. You might think these words have nothing in common, but they all belong to the category of nouns. I always thought nouns were both simple and complex, but always easy to explain. So, what are nouns? What is the function of the noun? Learn the definition of a noun and its types and functions as I break it all down for you. I also provided an activity you can try to test your …

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Definition and Examples of Interjections

Every day we fill our speech with emotion and tone, expressing directions, thoughts, opinions, and reflections in a manner that is much more than words.  Although a person cannot hear us physically when they read our writing, there are multiple ways to apply words to sentence structure to help the words come to life.  One of those ways is through the use of interjections. These words can help convey emotion within a sentence or as a standalone exclamation. They are …

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What Are Conjunctions? Rules & Examples (With Worksheet)

Do you want to avoid writing repetitive and choppy sentences? Using conjunctions will improve your writing flow. I always argue with my editor about my use of conjunctions because she thinks I don’t use them enough. But I feel there’s a time and place for them in writing, and it’s all about stylistic choices. Continue reading to understand the basics of conjunctions as I break them down for you. Explore its definitions, types, and when to use conjunctions properly in …

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Adverbs – Definition & Examples (With Worksheet)

I know every writer looks for ways to spice up their pieces. A couple of adverbs will bring color to your sentences, I promise. They will describe your action, add more description, and emphasize a word’s meaning. What does an adverb do? Good question! Keep reading to know the definition, types, and how to use adverbs. You’ll also learn how to use different adverbs in sentences. What is an Adverb? In the English language, an adverb is a part of …

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Subjunctive mood

In English, the subjunctive mood is used to explore conditional or imaginary situations. It can be tricky to use, which partially explains why many speakers and writers forgo it. But it’s quite useful (and aesthetically pleasing, at least to us), and careful users of English should do their part to preserve it. Uses of the subjunctive mood The subjunctive mood is used to explore conditions that are contrary to fact: If I were President, I wouldn’t put up with it. …

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What is a Participle? Huge List of Examples

Participles are verbs that can act as an adjective or another verb tense when combined with other verbs. There are three types of participles and two functions.  Keep reading to learn what a participle is and how to use it in a sentence. I also made a massive list of participle examples you can include in your writing! What is a Participle? Participles are verbals that come from verbs. They either function as adjectives or help in constructing verb tenses. …

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What Are Clauses? Definition, Examples & Worksheet

You might be here because you’re asking, what is a clause? It’s a good question that seems like it would have a simple answer. But there’s a lot to understand about them. Lucky for you, I’m going to go over everything you need to know! Clauses are groups of words containing a subject and a verb. It can convey a message about the subject or object, functioning as a noun, adjective, or adverb. It’s easy to overlook the intricacies of …

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Restrictive and nonrestrictive

In grammar, a restrictive clause, word, or phrase provides crucial clarifying information about a previously named element. A nonrestrictive clause or phrase adds information that is not essential to the meaning of the sentence. Examples Let’s identify the restrictive and nonrestrictive elements in a few examples: [1] Democrats in the state Senate fled Wisconsin on Thursday … [Wall Street Journal] The phrase in the state senate is restrictive because Democrats without the modifying phrase would be confusing. We need to know that …

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Phrasal Verbs – List, Uses & Examples

You guessed it; as the name suggests, a phrasal verb is a type of verb that comes in phrases. Learning these different phrasal verbs improved my vocabulary and communication so I’m putting everything I know into this handy guide for you. You’ll learn more about phrasal verbs and their different types as I explain. I also provided an extensive list of phrasal verbs with their definitions and sample sentences. What are Phrasal Verbs? Phrasal verbs in English are groups of …

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