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Danielle McLeod

Danielle McLeod is a highly qualified secondary English Language Arts Instructor who brings a diverse educational background to her classroom. With degrees in science, English, and literacy, she has worked to create cross-curricular materials to bridge learning gaps and help students focus on effective writing and speech techniques. Currently working as a dual credit technical writing instructor at a Career and Technical Education Center, her curriculum development surrounds student focus on effective communication for future career choices.

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What Is an Oxford comma? Importance & Examples

The Oxford comma is a punctuation mark whose use is hotly debated among certain English language writers, reporters, teachers, and academics. The use, or lack thereof, of the Oxford comma may cause confusion, depending on the circumstance, which is why I am such a proponent of its use. Afterall, it …

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Far-fetched – Meaning & Definition

Far-fetched is a compound word of far and fetched whose meaning should not be taken literally. This adjective is an idiom that means unlikely to be true. Read on to learn the full definition of far-fetched and examples of how to use it in a sentence. I explain everything you …

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Fingers Crossed – Origin & Meaning

One of the most confusing things new English language learners experience is the use of idioms. Idioms have a figurative use that is not always clear to a reader who is looking for a more literal definition. Fingers crossed is an old term that most likely predates Christianity. The term …

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Tide Someone Over vs. Tied Someone Over – Origin & Definition

Have you ever used the expression “to tide over” but were unsure whether you were using it correctly? This article explores its proper use, origins, and how to use it in a sentence. Typically used in speech, it is a phrase that provides a figurative, non-literal meaning to help strengthen …

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Grinch – Usage, Meaning & Examples

Each year, as the holiday season approaches, you begin to hear the term “grinch” used in reference to a person or behaviors that might not be quite as conducive to spreading holiday cheer as they should. The word is a term with roots in a literary character, created for children …

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What Is Adulting? – As a Verb & Meaning

Using a noun as a verb is a popular way to make a clear point about actions or behaviors. In fact, this practice has a grammatical name: gerund. Gerunds are often adapted via pop culture, jokes and memes, and social interactions that are unique or witty. They also are fairly …

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What Does Half-Baked Mean?

If the term half-baked brings to mind a popular television series about some kids from the 1970s passing around something in a basement, you aren’t half-wrong. Other than its literal use to mean something baked left unfinished, half-baked is more commonly used as an idiom to give a figurative meaning …

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Go The Extra Mile – Idiom, Meaning & Examples

Go the extra mile is an idiom with its roots in biblical times. An idiom is a word, group of words, or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is not easily deduced from its literal meaning. It often makes the English language more complicated for English language learners. Idioms …

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Let Bygones Be Bygones – Meaning and Examples

You’ve heard the expression “let bygones be bygones,” but do you know what it means? Or where it comes from? The phrase dates back at least 500 years and is meant to be used in a positive manner to help move forward from a past event. The term is an …

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Call the Shots (or Calling the Shots) – Idiom & Meaning

Idiomatic phrases are a group of words with a figurative meaning that is not easily deduced from their literal meaning. They are an excellent way to add clarity to speech and writing if your audience understands their use. However, idioms can be confusing to English language learners since they are …

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