Danielle Mcleod

Grammarist Writer

Danielle Mcleod is a freelance writer for Grammarist as well as a full-time Technical and Literary writing instructor for a Career and Technical High School Education Center. A mother, animal lover, and travel enthusiast, she ties her vast experiences in life to her teaching and writing style to make connections in her classroom and with her readers. 


  • 20+ years as a High School English teacher
  • 7+ years as a freelance content research and writer
  • 44+ years as an animal, travel, and book lover


Originally educated in the sciences, Danielle holds multiple environmental and literary studies degrees. A former firefighter and ranch hand, who balanced her passions with classroom instruction for years, she rearranged her lifestyle to include her children in her adventures over a decade ago. 

Her career in teaching has led to some amazing experiences with her students in the career and technical fields, while her wanderlust keeps her family on their toes traveling the United States. Her family also keeps a hobby farm, complete with horses and a giant Sulcata Tortoise (named Norman), which means never a dull day passes by. 

Her lifestyle and career choices color her approaches to students and her reading audiences. 


Danielle holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan Technological University in Forestry and Wildlife Management, highly qualified teaching certifications in multiple states and a Master of the Arts in Literacy from Grand Canyon University. 

Combining the sciences with the arts is a service to her varied approaches in life, allowing her to see things from a myriad of different viewpoints. Consequently, she is also a published artist and photographer who ties her work to her many life experiences.

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