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Candace Osmond

Candace Osmond studied Advanced Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC. She’s been an International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author for over a decade. And she’s worked as an Editor for several mid-sized publications. Candace has a keen eye for content editing and a high degree of expertise in Fiction.

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Best Grammar Checker For Academic Papers

Finding a grammar checker tool that suits specific writing needs can be daunting. If you write college papers, you need to look for a program that checks for conciseness, plagiarism, and formality.  To help you with your thesis or research paper, I gathered a list of the best grammar checkers …

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Copy Editing vs Proofreading

Proofreading and copyediting are two different editing jobs with the same goal: to perfect your writing before publication. One is in charge of style consistency, while the other ensures the text is free from technical inconsistency. This guide will help you decide which type of editing your manuscript requires. Keep …

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Hemingway App vs Grammarly: Which is the Best Editing App?

Built-in spellcheckers in word-processing programs are not enough in the age of blogging and online text content. Nowadays, you need more advanced suggestions on making your work engaging to retain your readers. Two tools you can try are Hemingway and Grammarly. This guide will help you decide which online editing …

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Best Online Spellchecker – Free and Paid Options

Have you experienced publishing a blog post only to find out there’s a typo in the introduction? Then you should find a program that corrects these writing errors.  Whether you write for business or academic purposes, checking your spelling and grammar is always essential. Here are the top 10 best …

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30 Common Grammar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Even the best writers have made grammatical mistakes in their work. Heck, even the creators of grammar rules probably committed the same errors! English grammar rules can be confusing, so I created a list of the thirty common grammar mistakes you should avoid with examples. Consult this list when you’re …

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Hemingway Editor Review – Is it Any Good?

As an author and content writer, I love trying new editing programs that help make my writing better. So, I tried the Hemingway Editor. The Hemingway Editor is inspired by Ernest Hemingway, a successful writer known for his straightforward language. Will this online editing tool make you as acclaimed as …

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What is Academic Writing? Common Types With Examples

Every person experiences writing an academic paper at least once in their student life. This type of writing uses accurate language, facts, logical flow, and a formal tone to showcase their knowledge. These academic writing styles and examples will help you receive a perfect score or get that research grant. …

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Whitesmoke vs. Grammarly – Whitesmoke Review

If you’re a blogger or author like me, you probably get anxious before publishing your writing because of possible spelling and grammatical errors. I’m constantly stressing over it. Fortunately, you can download and use several spell-check software to enhance your work. I use Grammarly, but I’ve been trying out a …

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How to Add and Use Grammarly in Google Docs

Do you want a convenient way to improve your work on Google Docs? Spelling and Grammar checkers like Grammarly might help you.  The Grammarly Premium browser extensions allow you to use the grammar-checking software more efficiently. Learn how to add and use Grammarly to Google Docs so you no longer …

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10 Tips to Improve Your Readability Score

Want to boost your SEO rankings or increase engagement rates on your content? A quick way to optimize your content is by improving its readability. Knowing your readability score gives you an idea if you’re correctly conveying your message to readers. Learn these ten tips to improve your readability score …

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