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    The duration of the lessons is entirely up to the students. You can choose to have short lessons of 30 minutes or longer lessons of 60 minutes or more. Most students choose 45 or 60 minutes. The more you practice of course, the better you become. This “golden rule” is especially true when it comes to acquiring language skills. But practicing doesn’t necessarily mean exclusively taking English classes online or in an academy. Any opportunity to practice you can get by engaging in any kind of activity that involves English is not to be missed. As we say in English: “practice makes perfect”.



    Another activity Break Into English includes in its English classes online is what is called spontaneous speaking. Here, the teacher will randomly choose (always within the student’s general areas of interest) an interesting topic and have a discussion about it with the student. These topics are often trendy or fascinating and deal with current events, so not only are you improving your English, but additionally, you get to learn about amazing facts and important news stories, thus acquiring important knowledge that could serve your personal or professional needs in the future.

    Another important skill that the Break Into English teachers help students develop, is the art of debating. Learning how to debate effectively is considered an important skill to master in many countries and especially in the United States. The idea is to learn how to win arguments by breaking down the information we receive into individual arguments and presenting them in the clearest and most intelligible manner. For students, learning how to debate in class translates into improving their fluency and their confidence speaking which might be the two most difficult and important aspects of the language to work on for a foreigner.

    The community of students that Break Into English teaches is extremely varied. Their youngest learners start at four or five years old; parents realize that online English classes for kids via Skype are the most efficient way to study English or any other language by speaking and practicing with a private teacher who can focus his or her undivided attention to the child, rather than sitting in a classroom and listening passively to what the teacher is saying to a large group. In that respect, Break Into English and their Skype English classes for children serve as a perfect complement to the traditional presential classes kids have at school, and enables young learners to get a head start in life.

    Children in general are very responsive to technology and using Skype during online English lessons is something that makes them more interested and engaged in the process of learning. Parents often have less trouble getting kids to commit to traditional English lessons after school whereas skillfully using Skype with a webcam along with all functionalities at the teacher’s fingertips make the classes more dynamic and exciting for kids.

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