English Classes Online Are The Future

  • Today I’d like to write about a wonderful service I stumbled upon that can help anyone at any level who wishes to improve his or her English skills and gain fluency and confidence in this language that is, as we all know, essential to business and communication at all levels worldwide.


    These services are provided by a company named Break Into English, an online English academy that employs qualified, native English teachers from all around the anglo world and offers 1 to 1 online English classes by Skype.

    Signing up for a free lesson is quite simple. You just need to go to the Break Into English website and register for a free trial lesson. In less than 24 hours you will be contacted via email to confirm the time and date of your lesson and one of their teachers will contact you via Skype for a 30-minute lesson, absolutely free!

    Before the lesson, students are invited to share their interests and reasons for wanting to improve their English, as well as completing one of the academy’s online English level tests so that the teacher can better prepare the lesson of each student.

    The first lesson will be dedicated in part to understanding what each student’s individual preferences and expectations are. After that, the teacher will perform 3 or 4 activities that are typical of the lessons in order to demonstrate the method to the students.  Such activities usually include a listening exercise where the student must listen to a short audio segment (news article, business topic, tech blog, etc.) that the teacher either reads out loud or plays from a podcast or recording. The student must then try to summarize what he or she has understood and will also be asked to answer specific questions, use the new vocabulary and possibly do a pronunciation exercise. Proper pronunciation is a skill that is continuously strengthened whether it be through specific pronunciation exercises, or by simply correcting students’ pronunciation during other activities.



    During the entire lesson, the teacher listens carefully to what the student says and takes notes of the student’s mistakes in order to correct them and explain them together with the student. The teacher will also take advantage of any opportunity that arises during the class to teach the student expressions and idioms that could be relevant to the article that is being studied in class for example.

    Needless to say that becoming familiar with as many new idioms, expressions and phrasal verbs as possible is extremely important to one day become fully fluent. Mastering these particularities of the language mark the difference between a foreigner who just knows how to mechanically translate words from his or her mother tongue into the second language and one who understands the language’s structure, origins, atmosphere, common phrases and different usages. The latter will make a much better impression on native speakers who might even wonder at times whether a foreigner is actually native or not.

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