Chunder or chunter

  • Chunder is a verb, slang that originated in Australia. It means to throw up or vomit. It can also be used as the noun for what is thrown up or the vomit itself.


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    Chunter is a little more well known. It is also a verb and slang, from British English. It can mean either to mumble or murmur about one’s troubles, or it can mean to lumber along making noise. It can also be a noun for the actual complaint given.



    The young man is seen becoming visibly ill as the clock ticks, before a female colleague shouts: “Gonna chunder!” [The Telegraph]

    None are more effortlessly infuriating than the lads from Ladbrokes, the newly-arrived bookies from the Old Dart whose advertising brains trust – Brisbane-based‘The Really Quite Good Ideas Company’ (if the irony isn’t apparent yet, give me a minute) – decided that not only are a fool and his money easily parted, but that the average male sports fan would be hard-pressed attending a child’s christening without getting plastered, tackling the priest to the ground and then chundering into the holy water. [The Guardian]


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