Someplace vs. some place

  • The one-word someplace is not out of place in informal writing, but it might be considered questionable in formal contexts, as it is yet to be accepted as a standard form and is listed in dictionaries only as a colloquialism. The compound may someday catch on (as someday has), but for now the two-word some place is always safer, and it is by far the more common form in published writing from this century.


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    These writers get away with using someplace because the tone is informal:


    But right now the world is awash in cheap money, looking for someplace to go. [NY Times]

    Show this scene to a resident of Miami or Nice—someplace where a sunny day is a fact of life rather than an actual miracle—and they’d guess it was a refugee camp. [Independent (article now offline)]

    Just as the last few years have driven him to find a way to land someplace stable. [Hamilton Spectator]

    But most of the time, the two-word some place, as it appears below, is preferred:

    [T]hey’d blow into some place, get everybody out and dismantle the bomb. [Los Angeles Times]

    And we saw that Lee isn’t a bad runner when he has some place to run. [The Independent (article now offline)]

    Once we’re done, I would like for the AT-AT to find some place nice to be housed and admired as a monument. [Herald Sun]



    1. Christophe Patrouch says:

      Another example from The New York Times, 11/04/2012: “Temperatures fell into the 30s on Sunday and are expected to drop below freezing this week as tens of thousands of people search for someplace to live.”

      I don’t like it. I can understand “someday” and “somewhere” but not “someplace”. I prefer “some place”.

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    2. Velvet Android says:

      For what it’s worth, “someplace” is pretty much unheard of in British English, where “somewhere” would invariably be used.

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