As a colloquial synonym of anywhere, anyplace might be considered out of place in formal writing, and the word is not an accepted replacement for the two-word phrase any place, where any is an adjective modifying the noun place. This may someday change, however, and already we find several instances of the one-word anyplace used in normally well-edited publications.


So far, the one word anyplace appears most often in American publications such as these:

California is home to people of more racial and ethnic backgrounds than anyplace else in the Western Hemisphere … [Sign On San Diego]

But she’d been in Washington longer than anyplace else, and it was here she’d carried on a 10-year relationship that had also hit the skids. [Washington Post]

The cost of living in San Francisco is less than in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Honolulu but more than anyplace else in the country. [Wall Street Journal]

The workplace, like anyplace you bring a bunch of people together, is a mixture of many different personalities. [Seneca News Dispatch]

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