Spat or spitted

spit is a stick which holds meat or other items over a fire, usually to allow the food to turn while it is roasted. Spit is also another word for saliva or the fluid made by one’s mouth. It can also be a small bit of land which leads into a body of water.

To spit is to propel something (usually saliva) from your mouth or to put something on a spit (i.e., impale).

If you put something on a spit this morning, you spitted it, you can also be spitting a pig for dinner.


If you ejected saliva from your mouth this morning, you spat. Or you could say you spit. A person could be spitting on the sidewalk right now.

Other definitions of spit include lighting something on fire, when it rains or snows lightly but strongly, or to make a spitting noise.

Something can be the spitting image of something else if it looks just like it.

spat can also be a small fight or tiff between two people or groups.


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