Breath vs. breathe

Breath is a noun. Breathe is a verb. When you breathe, you inhale and exhale breath. The simplicity of this distinction doesn’t prevent the occasional mixup—for example:

So imagine my surprise when the view from the east side of the Eaglecrest area on a recent snowshoe walk took my breathe away. [Juneau Empire]

Again, the Horseshoe Kingdom appeared to breath a little easier. [Indianapolis Business Journal]

These writers use the words correctly:

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t waste any more breath on the subject. [Telegraph]

Supporters said the proposed neighborhood would breathe new life into the aging island. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Pause in this position for three to six breaths. [Los Angeles Times]

Auckland holiday makers can breathe a sigh of relief today as one of the key bottlenecks is unlocked. []

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