Not sure how to write an IELTS letter?

To ask for information / details
“I would like to know…”
“I would be grateful for more information about…”
“Would it be possible to receive information on…”
To apologise
“I am very sorry to have missed (something)…”
“I regret not being able to attend…”
“Sadly, I am unable to join the team …”



Last but not least
When your letter is written, there is one final step – read it top to bottom for the last time and check your spelling and grammar. Any errors you can catch and fix before the examiner sees them are the easiest marks ever earned.
To see examples of IELTS letters with Band Scores and teacher’s comments visit
By Simone Braverman, author of popular IELTS books ‘Target Band 7’ and ‘Ace the IELTS’..

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