Not sure how to write an IELTS letter?

Formal vs informal:


The tone of your letter can be formal or informal, and it is important to choose the right tone for the type of letter you are writing. If you are writing a personal letter to a friend, a formal greeting such as “Dear Mr. Sanders” wouldn’t be appropriate – instead you should begin your letter with “Dear Jim,” because that is the informal way of addressing a person, by their first name.

It is also important to stay consistent with the tone you have chosen. This means that throughout your entire letter you should be using either formal vocabulary or informal, but you should not mix the two.
For example, if you begin a letter with a formal greeting “Dear Sir/Madam,” you should end it with a formal “Yours sincerely, Matthew Wayne”, instead of informal “Take care, Matt”.

Here are some more examples of formal vs informal vocabulary:
Formal                                                                                       Informal
I’m grateful for / my gratitude for… is endless ,        Thank you for… / many thanks for…
I am seeking information on… ,                                    I’m looking for information on …
I expect an investigation of … ,                                     Could you look into …
I request…                                                                         I’m asking for…
Such behavior will not be tolerated… ,                       We aren’t going to put up with such behavior…
Our departure is on… ,                                                   We’re going away on…


Some useful sentences:

To explain the purpose of your letter

“I am writing in regard to… / to complain about… / to express my concern regarding… / to express my dissatisfaction with… ”

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