Not sure how to write an IELTS letter?

Request letter:


This type of letter is written when you need some information. For example, you’d like to know about meals and entertainment options at a restaurant for a party you are organizing.

A letter of this type should consist of 3 paragraphs.
The 1st paragraph should start with “Dear Sir/Madam,” or the person’s name if it appears in the task statement. Explain in 1-2 sentences what kind of information you are looking for.

The 2nd paragraph should talk about who you are, provide the details on what information exactly you need, when you would like to receive it and in what form (email / letter / fax etc). This should be the longest paragraph of the entire letter.

The 3rd paragraph should be a formal ending to your letter – write “I am looking forward hearing from you.” Then write “Yours sincerely” or “Yours faithfully” and your name.


Job application letter:

This type of letter is written to apply for a vacant position and in real life situations you would attach your resume to it (in IELTS this isn’t necessary, of course).

A letter of this type should consist of 4 paragraphs.
Start your 1st paragraph with “Dear Sir/Madam,” or write the person’s name if it was given in the task statement. Name the position you are applying for and where you saw it advertised.
The 2nd paragraph should describe your skills, qualifications, education, diplomas and experience. This paragraph usually is the longest of the entire letter.

In the 3rd paragraph you should explain why you’re interested in this job. Say how eager you are to apply your skills to the company’s benefit and ask to schedule an interview as soon as possible.

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