French greetings and salutations

If you want to be polite in a French-speaking country, memorize these common French words and phrases and use them liberally in your routine interactions. 


French Pronunciation English
à  bientôt ah bee-ehn-toe see you soon
à  demain ah deh-mehn see you tomorrow
à  toute à  l’heure ah toot ah luhr see you later
à  vos souhaits ah voh soo-eht bless you (after a sneeze)
adieu ah-dyuh goodbye
au revoir oh reh-vwah goodbye
bienvenue bee-ehn veh-noo welcome
bonne chance bohn shahnce good luck
bonne nuit bohn nwee goodnight
bonjour bohn-jhoor hello
bonsoir bohn-swahr good evening
de rien deh ree-en you’re welcome
enchanté ahn-shant-ay pleased to meet you (to a male)
enchantée ahn-shant-ay pleased to meet you (to a female)
merci mehr-see thank you
merci beaucoup mehr-see bo-koo thank you very much
salut sah-loo hello or goodbye
santé sahn-tay cheers
tant pis tahn pee nevermind

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