Interview with Mignon Fogarty

The Grammarist is proud to feature Mignon Fogarty, best known as Grammar Girl with her Quick and Dirty Tips for better writing- a site that has been described as "your friendly guide to the world of grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language." Mignon is also the author of Behind the Grammar, a podcasting network where she speaks about any number of topics, including business, marketing, podcasting, writing, and life. Please introduce yourself and provide some … [Read more...]

Interview with Merrill Perlman

Grammarist is pleased to introduce Merrill Perlman, former copy editor and director of copy desk for The New York Times, professor, consultant and writer of the "Language Corner," a column in the Columbia Journalism Review. Please introduce yourself and provide some background information.I’m Merrill Perlman and have more than 35 years of experience in journalism, mostly as an editor but some years as a reporter, manager, recruiter or trainer. I spent 25 of those years at the New York … [Read more...]

Interview with Betty Birner

Meet Betty Birner, professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science at Northern Illinois University. She has also co-authored many academic publications including Introduction to Pragmatics. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell (2013).Please introduce yourself and provide some background information.I’m Dr. Betty Birner, Professor of Linguistics in the Department of English at Northern Illinois University. I received my Ph.D. in Linguistics from Northwestern University in 1992. I specialize in … [Read more...]

Interview with John McIntrye

John McIntyre, whom James Wolcott calls "the Dave Brubeck of the art and craft of copy editing," writes on language, editing, journalism, and other manifestations of human frailty in his blog, "You Don't Say."Please introduce yourself and provide some background information.John Early McIntyre, night news editor at The Baltimore Sun, where I have worked since 1986 with the exception of 2009-2010 (laid off and then rehired). I have taught editing at Loyola University Maryland since 1995. … [Read more...]

Interview with Bill Walsh

Meet Bill Walsh, a copy editor at the Washington Post and author of The Slot, (unaffiliated with the Washington Post) which began in August 1995 as the Crusty Old Slot Man's Copy Editing Peeve Page.Please introduce yourself and provide some background information.I'm Bill Walsh. I'm a copy editor at the Washington Post and the author of "Lapsing Into a Comma" (2000), "The Elephants of Style" (2004) and "Yes, I Could Care Less" (2013). I was born in Pottsville, Pa.; grew up in the suburbs … [Read more...]

Interview with Arthur Plotnik

Arthur Plotnik is a versatile author with a distinguished background in editing and publishing. Two of his nine books have been featured selections of the Book of the Month Club: -- The Elements of Expression: Putting Thoughts Into Words (Holt, B&N), now in a new and expanded edition from Viva Editions, with e-book and audio versions. --and The Elements of Editing, (Macmillan-/Longman), a standard reference through more than twenty printings.Please introduce yourself and provide some … [Read more...]

Interview with Stephen Dodson

Meet Stephen Dodson, a freelance copyeditor currently living in western Massachusetts and author of LanguageHat blog. Stephen has a passion for hats, books and languages, hence, LanguageHat, a blog that explores the intricacies of the aforementioned.Please introduce yourself and provide some background information.My name is Steve Dodson; having a father in the U.S. Foreign Service meant that I grew up abroad (Japan, Thailand, Argentina) and had early exposure to other languages … [Read more...]

Interview with Bethany Keeley

Grammarist is delighted to offer our dedicated readers a featured interview a week. We have had the opportunity to interview numerous grammar experts, grammar bloggers, grammar authors and professors, and would like to share their stories and insights in order to connect you with their witty, shrewd and instructive take on the English language.Grammarist is honored to introduce our first interviewee…Bethany Keeley, author of "the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks." Bethany admits … [Read more...]

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